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HOLMES Planning ‘A Healthy Way of Living’. 2021



Holmes Planning sponsor a local bus route".

There are a number of ways that travel to and from our developments will be sustainable. To ensure this there will be three guiding principles:

• Reduce the amount and distance of journeys
• Encourage shared transport
• Use renewable sources of energy for journeys

1. Reduce the amount and distance of journeys.

First and foremost this is by encouraging walking and cycling where possible. Secondly, this is done by encouraging working from home, shared car usage, reduction in shopping trips – the growing of fruit and vegetables reduces the need to go shopping. By embracing technology to benefit from driverless car supermarket deliveries and drone deliveries this further reduces the need for journeys. The design of the development lends itself to shared child-care and community cohesion, to reduce the need for driving to nurseries. The design also encourages communal activities, whether that be taking exercise, leisure or socialising to further reduce the need to get in a car to find these opportunities.

Electric Vehicles

There will be shared Tesla Electric Vehicles (Model Y) as part of a car sharing club. There will be an App for booking these, that encourages car sharing for the school run, work and shopping. They will be charged from a proportion of the electricity generated from the Photovoltaic cells and Tesla tiles on the roofs with electricity being stored in Tesla Powerwall Batteries.

Electric Trolleys

There will be shared electric trolleys (and non-electric trollies) to move shopping and goods from the Electric Vehicle zone to the homes, navigating along the paths. These will be charged within the Electric Vehicle zone.

Electric Bikes

There will be shared electric mountain bikes stored in a bike rack. There will be a charging point within the bike rack.

2. Encourage shared transport.

The second principle will be to encourage the use of shared transport wherever possible. This will be the bus service, car sharing Teslas and shared electric bikes. Some of the Teslas will have seven seats to be able to take more passengers. There will be an App to book the use of Teslas, and this will encourage sharing the school-run, and shopping trips.

3. Use Renewable Sources of energy.

The third principle will be to use renewable sources of energy for the journeys that are required. This will be electric cars, electric bikes or simply cycling or walking.