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HOLMES Planning ‘A Healthy Way of Living’. 2021




To address the environmental issues that we are facing now, we propose many shared elements to the developments. This will reduce the need to travel and enhance community cohesion. A central communal garden, enriched by large numbers of trees, will allow residents to connect with nature and the landscape, positively affecting their physical and mental health. This helps to mitigate the climate change and supports biodiversity and wildlife habitats, among many other benefits.

The homes will have their main aspect south facing for solar gain, and will have their own private garden areas. They will form a concentric ring around a shared communal garden area, big enough to accommodate various zones, and to sustain a large amount of trees and a ponded area in the centre. There are only paths on-site rather than roads to encourage walking and create a child-safe environment. This arrangement encourages casual meetings and a social interaction between families. It helps to arrange inexpensive childcare and deal with the issue of aging society. It provides a safe area for children to play and an accessible environment for elderly.

Within the central informal green space there will be a permanent stretch tent, and leisure area incorporating a BBQ, Pizza oven, kids’ tunnels, wooden play/ climbing, raised vegetable beds, hammocks, outside gym. The stretch tent will form the focus point of a central wellness zone for mindfulness/Yoga/Pilates/child activities. This will create an environment that encourages child-care sharing, and support mental and physical health.
The raised vegetable beds will be accessible to everyone to encourage the sharing of gardening/horticulture skills and a closer community.

The development will comply with:

Building with Nature Core Standards:

• Optimising multifunctionality and connectivity
• Positively responding to the Climate Emergency
• Maximising Environmental Net Gains
• Champions a context driven approach
• Creates Distinctive Places
• Secures effective place-keeping

Well-Being Standards:

• Brings Nature closer to people
• Supports Equitable and Inclusive Places

Water Standards:

• Delivers Climate Resilient Water Management
• Brings Water Closer to people

Wildlife Standards:

• Delivers Wildlife Enhancement
• Underpins Nature’s Recovery Building for a Healthy Life

Building for a Healthy Life Design Code from Homes England. Comply with Integrated Neighbourhood principles:

• Natural connections • Walking, cycling and public transport • Facilities and services • Homes for everyone