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HOLMES Planning ‘A Healthy Way of Living’. 2021



Our homes will be for the self-build and custom build market. The plots will be serviced with the infrastructure and communal areas put in place by the developer. The homes themselves can be chosen by the home owners, following a framework of rules that define the nature and delivery of the homes. This includes Passivhaus certification and the Home Quality Mark from BRE.
The homeowners may wish to choose a pre-fabricated home that meets the requisite standards for example a Pure Haus. These have movable walls on the first floor so the upstairs can easily be adapted to a family’s needs. For example, a three bedroom home can be made into a four bedroom home as a family grows.

Alternatively, you may wish to commission your own bespoke architect designed home to suit your own personal needs.

The internal layout of the houses can be designed to adapt in response to changing needs of the residents. Highly adaptable homes do not force residents to move out when their situation changes. They encourage people to invest their time, energy, and talents into their community.

There will be a framework of rules and standards that defines the nature and delivery of the homes across our developments. Locally sourced materials will be used where possible to reduce the carbon footprint of delivering the materials and support the local economy. Pre-fabricated or module homes will be sourced locally. For example, the home owner may commission a home from Pure Haus, in Leeds.

Our developments will act as a benchmark to set the standards to which other developments will aspire to.

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