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HOLMES Planning ‘A Healthy Way of Living’. 2021


Holmes Planning “a healthy way of living”

Our vision is for homes that work, and that are easy and affordable to run. People want to be involved in the design of their homes, to have an attractive home, not an identikit home. They want homes that are good for the environment and good for their health. Homes with gardens, homes that can be worked from, homes for all times of our lives. They want homes in neighbourhoods that have all the amenities everyone needs and a strong community. Finally, of course, they want a home they can afford.

This all seems obvious but too often the large housebuilders fail to deliver these basics. Our developments help communities to build green, vibrant neighbourhoods themselves, bypassing traditional housebuilders. Instead of standard house designs on soulless housing estates, be community-led and support self-build homes that people can design themselves. These homes will be simple to build, with flexible, affordable frames and components, and will be climate friendly to make and run. They will be Passivhaus designed and certified, obtain the Home Quality Mark from BRE and the development as a whole will obtain the Building with Nature accreditation, and follow the Building for a Healthy Life Design Code.

These developments will be the first of their kind within the North of England and are intended to be a catalyst for more sustainable design across the region as a whole.

Passivhaus Designs

The developments are designed to reduce both the extent and the impacts of climate change; they will be zero-carbon developments and will meet the highest technically feasible environmental standards during construction and occupation. The homes will reduce carbon dioxide emissions through a range of measures.

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